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Explore Exporting is a new training program designed to help businesses who wish to enter the global market. Statistics tell us that only 1% of American companies export (what?!) and that 58% of those who are exporting do so to one market (gasp!). The only way we can improve those numbers is to support businesses by empowering them with knowledge and providing the tools that they need to succeed. This program will answer some questions that potential exporters might have like:

  • Who do we sell to?
  • How do we find overseas buyers?
  • What country do we sell to?
  • How do we get paid?
  • Should we use a distributor?
  • Can’t we just turn over our global expansion to a third party?
  • How do we protect our IP (intellectual property)?
  • Isn’t exporting more costly than selling domestically?
  • How do we get our goods to the buyer?

These are very legitimate questions that need to be addressed to the new-to-exporting business. Exporting is not costly. You can find overseas buyers easily, and you CAN get paid! Training can be held at your facility or online via Skype, and we can train as many employees as is necessary. Don’t forget the back-office; your customer service team and sales department need to be aware of how to best interact with your new international customers. Train them in the areas of after-sales support and cultural fluency. Any manufacturer, supplier, or distributor can benefit from learning the ins and outs of exporting.

The topics cover Global Business, International Marketing, Shipping & Logistics, and International Finance & Payment Terms. Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will earn a certificate in International Trade. We also offer an Export Management program – learn how to develop an export business plan.

Florida companies – up to 50% of the training program CAN be reimbursed through Florida Flex, a Career Source program! The funds are limited so apply today – we can help you.