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In some of our other blog entries, we make reference to the fact that there are many “quick and easy” ways to make a “fast buck” importing and exporting.  I feel the need to clarify a few things and explain why we seem to look down our noses at these schemes.  The profession of international trade is that, a profession.  Like any profession, you need to be educated, knowledgeable, current, and you should approach importing and exporting as a real business.  Did your surgeon learn what he needed to know by watching a free webinar, or buying someone’s $99 “How to perform surgery in an hour” kit?  How about your accountant? Did you hand over the responsibility of filing your income taxes to someone who took a one-hour class at the community college entitled, “Introduction to bookkeeping”?   Or, how about your  child’s math tutor? Did you pick out someone who was very good and knowledgeable about math or did you find someone who watched a webinar about math? Or, your auto mechanic? What if your mechanic took a correspondence course? Or, maybe he read a $20 book on “How to fix cars”?

Would you do business with anyone in the above scenarios? I hope not!  If you buy into the “hype” that is perpetuated all over the internet that this is an easy business, that doesn’t require ANY capital, and you can “earn while you learn” then you will FAIL.  Or, get scammed. Or, ruin your chances of ever really making it in international trade.  However, if you approach this like the real profession it is, and learn everything you can, earn a certificate or diploma that demonstrates you put in the time and met industry standards, you will succeed.  If you realize that this is a real business, one in which you need tools like a website, a well-prepared business plan, business cards, and a business phone number, you will stack the deck in your favor of succeeding.  Most of the people that are selling import export as a quick business idea are trying to sell you something.  If you want to get in a real profession with real professional level income, then approach this as such. You will not have the potential to earn a 6-figure salary based on a downloadable e-book priced at $20. But, I think you already knew that!

Once you start down the path of your new profession, your rewards will be great.  As you start networking and marketing with businesses around you, and you tell manufacturers how you can help them, everyone will take you seriously and your business will be prosperous. When you look at the Department of Commerce statistics that only 1% of American manufacturers export – what does that say?  That this industry is primed and ready for trained professionals to step in and take action! You have so many potential customers that will be customers for life! How exciting is that?  At the Import Export Institute, we want to teach you what you need to know so you can enjoy success and further your goals. We have an import export  training program and business tools to help you build your business.  Contact us – we’d love to hear from you.