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First Impressions are important; no matter if they are real-world brick and mortar or virtual online, your customer’s first thoughts of your business can mean the difference between your business success or failure.

Would you put your business in a tattered travel trailer at the end of a remote dirt road? Or, would you put your business in a clean professional building with adequate parking and signage? Probably the second choice. Your website is like the physical location for your business – you must take care in how the site looks and is perceived by your customers to be taken seriously. In fact, I would say that your website is even MORE important than your physical location as it has the potential to be seen by many more customers than a brick-and-mortar location (which is limited to visitors in the immediate area). A free website and free hosting is similar to a tattered travel trailer on a dirt road – it’s not very professional looking, and the free hosting may restrict visitors to your on-line location. Remember that a free website is something that ANYONE can implement – whether they have industry experience or not. Whether they are a legitimate business or not. Additionally, free hosting may restrict traffic to your site and may limit the amount of content you can post on your site.

Your website is an indicator of your business and your business goals. Look at the websites for Fortune 100 companies- those organizations spend tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars and employ a huge staff of people to keep their sites functional and updated. If free websites were the way to go, those companies would all be doing it! Take care and invest in the website for your business. Make sure it is professional, informative, and user-friendly. You should also have an email account associated with your domain. A free website may be bad, but a free email account is even worse in the business community. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Remember, too, that just because something is free, does mean that it is easy. If the goal of your import export business is to be seen as professional and legitimate, you must take care that your website projects those two images.

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