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When you study the statistics of importing and exporting, you will be amazed by the opportunity that exists.  This opportunity goes untouched every day.  The Department of Commerce reports that only 1% of U.S. manufacturers export.  That means 99% of manufacturers are your potential customers.  Of those companies that export, 70%  have fewer than 20 employees.  Of those companies that export, 58% do so to only one foreign market.  As you can see by those three  statistics, opportunity clearly abounds.

The question is why aren’t our companies exporting.  And, the other question is with this much untapped opportunity, why aren’t there more individuals starting a business focused on this import export opportunity?  My opinion is that there is an idea that selling overseas is difficult – which is completely untrue.  Selling overseas is truly no different than selling to a neighboring state – granted transit time of products may be a little longer, there may be a few more pieces of paper to fill out, and depending upon the country, there may be some fees (custom duties/tariffs) that the buyer will be responsible for.  None of those issues are insurmountable.

As to the question as to why aren’t more people starting an import export business, again, my opinion is that there is a perception that it is difficult and costly.  Again, untrue on both counts.  An import export business can be started in your home – you need a computer, work space, great website, KNOWLEDGE, and a willingness to take your idea and make it materialize.  You don’t need to speak different languages, you don’t need to spend a lot of money traveling, and you don’t need a big office in a high-rise building.  However, you need to gain as much knowledge as you can – take classes and attend forums and seminars.  The real name of the game as to capturing the opportunity that exists is to network – meet local manufacturers, get involved in your local international trade community, and again, attend seminars and forums – any activity where manufacturers are you need to be there as well.

If you are considering starting an import export venture, we invite you to call us.  We are happy to answer your questions, provide you with assistance.  If you want to participate in our import export business program, we offer options that include self-study or you can train with an instructor (by phone or Skype).