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Export to Canada

The United States and Canada enjoy the world’s largest and most comprehensive economic relationship, which supports millions of jobs in each country.  The magnitude of this $1.3 trillion bilateral trade and investment relationship is broad and deep, accounting for nearly $2 billion in cross border trade each day.  Canada is the top export market for 35 out of 50 states.  So whether your company is a first-time or seasoned exporter, Canada should be a key component of your export growth strategy.

U.S. exports to Canada totaled $338 billion in 2015, representing 15% of total U.S. exports.  Principal U.S. exports to Canada in 2015 were vehicles ($47.6 billion); nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery ($42.8 billion); electric machinery ($24.8); mineral fuel, oil ($21.3); and plastics ($12.6 billion).

Canada is a highly receptive, open, and transparent market for U.S. products and services, with Canadians spending more than 60 percent of their disposable income on U.S. goods and services.  Americans and Canadians “speak” the same language literally and figuratively.  In addition to French in some areas, English is almost universally spoken, facilitating business communication.  We share a similar lifestyle, engendering a certain level of cultural familiarity.  Close geographic proximity and initiatives between our governments such as Beyond the Border, Regulatory Cooperation Council, and Trusted Traveler program make cross-border business increasingly seamless.

(source – U.S. Dept of Commerce)

As part of the import export training available with the Import Export Institute, international marketing and country selection is included in the education. Contact us if you want to learn more about starting your own import export business of if you want to expand your career in global business.