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Export Assistance – Resources to help you export

Many beginning exporters are unaware that the Department of Commerce has resources to help them in their export efforts. Many programs are free, some are fee-based depending upon the level of service. However, be aware that many programs are not designed for the very early stages of exporting. A company must have already started their export planning in order to best utilize these services. If you have started your export readiness, meaning you have identified what product you want to export, the markets you want to sell to, and your pricing strategy, then it is time to reach out to Commercial Services for their assistance.

International Partner Search – this is a program designed to provide the would-be exporter with up to 6 pre-selected business leads in the identified country. Free or fee-based, depending upon the complexity of the service and how many partners you want. These partners have been vetted to a certain degree, and would probably be classified as luke-warm leads.

Gold Key Services – should a company wish to travel to the overseas market, the local Commercial Service Representative will pre-arrange appointments with selected buyers. These typically take 6-8 weeks to be scheduled, so get in touch with them well before you travel. Fees vary based on services needed. Some of the services that are offered include transportation, meeting space at the U.S. Embassy, interpreters, and follow-up debriefings with the Commercial Services Representative in that office.

International Company Profile – this is an in-depth background check on your identified foreign business partner. You will be provided with a confidential report that includes information on the business relating to finance, business and reputation. If possible, the Commercial Services Representative visits the office and will let you know about their physical presence. The fees vary depending upon the scope of service.


These are just a few programs for exporters available from the U.S. Department of Commerce. When exporting, remember it’s all about minimizing your risk!

At the Import Export Institute, we are here to train and assist beginning exporters. Export training and education will help you in your area of export readiness – learn how to take the guesswork out of exporting.  We will teach you what you need to know in order that you may trade successfully and safely.