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Welcome to the Import Export Institute

We’re glad you’re interested in the Import Export business and the exciting opportunities that this rapidly growing industry offers.

Become an Import Export Professional

If you are considering starting your own Import Export Service Company, or Export Management Company (EMC), or becoming a Import Export Trade Broker, or a Global Import Export Agent, the Import Export Institute is the right choice for you.

Almost everyone has a fundamental idea as to how the import and export business works and that a lot of money can be made, but exactly how does it all work? The Import Export Institute has the answers to all your questions and more. With our fully experienced team of educators and industry professionals the Import Export Institute offers the most comprehensive training and instructional program of it’s kind.

Growth, Opportunity and Potential

The number one reason you should consider the Import Export business is simple – opportunity. No other industry even comes close. Only 1% of American companies are exporting. That means 99% of our manufacturers, suppliers, and producers are your potential clients!

But the opportunity is not limited to just the United States. Worldwide, importing and exporting is a trillion dollar a year industry. In September of 2016, the United States imported $225.6 Billion dollars worth of goods and services, and during the same time, the United States exported $189.2 Billion dollars worth of goods and services (

Look around the room you are in, look in your closet, perhaps look in your driveway – do you see any imported items? Everyday, we buy and use products that were imported. Somewhere, during the trade chain, someone facilitated that transaction and every transaction generated income.

The demand has always been strong worldwide for “Made in the USA” products that have a reputation for quality and innovation. When a foreign buyer purchases those items, again, someone in the trade chain earned a profit. So, what are you waiting for?

Why not insert yourself in that trade chain? You can be that “somebody” that facilitated those transactions and earned a profit in the midst of those trade transactions.

What Is Required To Become An Import Export Professional?

No experience necessary, the Institute provides you with the program you need to learn, build, and succeed. If you have basic computer skills, willingness to learn, ambition and motivation, this course is for you. While many industries are struggling, importing and exporting is growing worldwide. As more countries develop and enter the trade market, more and more consumers increase the demand for every product, every where. It is reported by the year 2020, one billion new consumers will be entering the world marketplace.

There are many ways for an import export trade professional to earn income. Some additional streams include negotiating shipping and warehousing contracts, representing customers at trade shows and trade fairs, developing promotional material, referral commissions made for negotiating financial instruments, offering export consulting services, developing export business and marketing plans, and of course, receiving a commission for negotiating a sale. The key is to identify a need, provide the service, collect your fees, and offer excellent customer service in the process so that your clients will call upon you regularly.


We hope that you do have questions and we encourage you to contact us. Please call our training office directly at 352-364-4644. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST. Weekends and evenings by appointment.

Click here to request information be emailed to you.

The Import Export Institute also offers a full array of consulting services and additional import export trade education courses. Visit our “consulting” link to learn more about how we can help you and your company compete in the international marketplace. Or, perhaps you are looking to make a career change or enhance your current position. With our educational and consulting services, we have a program or service to help you increase your competitive edge.

Contact us by email or call our offices at 352-364-4644.

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